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About Us

girl holding a soft dress form

Hi, my name is Irina, and I am a professional fashion designer.

After struggling for several years to find an ideal dress form for designing, pattern making, and producing garments, in 2016 I launched One Forms — an innovative company that creates modern dress forms and accessories.

We started by conducting thorough research into data sourced from multiple institutes in four different countries. Thousands of real people were measured and 3D-scanned. We developed our own software to process all the data. As a result, our typology method was born, allowing us to create body forms that reflect modern-day anatomic features and proportions.

We use polyurethane — a safe and durable material that tolerates high temperatures, water, and mechanical damage impressively well. Thanks to that, it is possible to iron and steam garments right on our dress forms — very convenient! Also, pins can go inside the dress form at any angle and any length, so that creating patterns and designing is so much easier.

Today, One Forms products are helping to create beautiful fashion all around the world. Internationally acclaimed designers and creative individuals from more than 50 countries have chosen our dress forms.

Take your work to a new level with One Forms.