USD 140.00

Fully pinnable polyurethane head in 100% cotton cover, which matches the covers of our SOFIA and ZOE dress forms.

Use it for collar, hood and headpiece design or for display/photography purposes.


✔ POLYURETHANE CORE – the head is made of polyurethane. This makes it ideal for pattern making, draping an pinning technique. Polyurethane is a safe modern poly material also used to produce children’s toys, mattresses, sleeping cushions, etc.

✔ FULLY PINNABLE – pins can go inside polyurethane for their whole length, strongly holds pins when draping.

✔ EASY TO USE – the head is easily attached to the dress form with strong magnet.

✔ DURABLE – you can steam and iron right on the head. All materials tolerate high temperature and water perfectly.



One size: 51 cm (20 inches) circumference.


* PLEASE NOTE: color tone of the accessory cover may be slightly different from the color tone of the dress form cover if purchased separately. We guarantee identical shades of the dress form and accessory covers only if they are purchased together in a single order.