Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you will find the information you’re looking for here but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions or if you need assistance choosing your perfect dress form.

What are the dress forms made of? What is polyurethane?

All of our torsos are made of polyurethane. Polyurethane is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate links. It is a common material that is used in a multitude of different products such as mattresses, couches, insulation, liquid coatings and paints, roller blades wheels, and soft toys.

It is an extremely durable material that is also completely safe (used in mattresses and toys, remember?). Polyurethane dress forms are great because they allow for steaming and ironing garments right on them, and also the pins can go in at any depth and any angle.

Polyurethane dress forms are great because they allow garments to be steamed or ironed on the dress form, and because they allow pins to be inserted to any depth and at any angle. 

Using a polyurethane dress form is an entirely different experience, and it opens up so many possibilities for anyone creating fashion.

How do I choose the right size?

Detailed measurements for our dress forms can be found at the bottom of this page and also in every item’s description in the shop section.

Start by comparing your basic measurements (bust, waist, hips) to the corresponding numbers in the size table. If you fall between sizes, we recommend choosing a smaller size because it’s relatively easy to build up parts of the dress form (by adding padding) to make it correspond to your personal measurements – you can find our recommendations on how to do it here.

Also, think about the style/type of garments you create most. For certain kinds of clothes, particular parameters might be crucial. For example, if you make corsets or lingerie, the underbust measurement will play an important role.

In general, if the garments are tight-fitting and made from non-elastic materials, more parameters become crucial.

If you’re still unsure which size of dress form will suit your needs best, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We can customize our dress forms during the production stage. For example, we can make bust/waist/hips of the mannequin slightly larger or smaller, the torso length shorter or longer, etc. in case standard form shapes don’t work well for you.

So first, please check our detailed size chart for the standard form available in its listing photo gallery. In case of customization, a fee of 100-400 USD will apply in addition to the standard cost of the form.

If you’re looking for a customized form please contact us via the contact form or email.

What are the differences between One Forms models (SoFia, NiKA and ZLATA)?

We have 2 main different models of dress form – one is a full-size dress form with the shape of the upper legs and another is a ½ size dress form which is a scale version of the more classic dress form model. 

Sofia is a full-size dress form. It is a universal professional sewing tool thanks to the upper leg structure built into the dress form. It allows to create trousers, shorts, jumpsuits, bodysuits, lingerie, and swimwear, as well as any other type of garments, including heavy gowns and coats. Sofia is finished with a heavy duty the cotton cover with general construction lines.

Nika and Zlata are our half-scale dress forms. Each dress form is exactly ½ the full-size mannequin torso. Half-scale dress forms are useful for minimising your time spent designing and pattern-making. They allow you to significantly reduce your draft fabric usage. Also, small dress forms look adorable and are often used to decorate ateliers, sewing studios, stores, etc. Nika comes in knit polyester cover, while Zlata features 100% cotton cover with general construction lines.


Extra charges, like import tax, are very country-specific and may or may not apply depending on your local legislation, order value, etc. Import/customs charges are never included in the price. Please consult your local post office for details about extra charges.

Please, refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more information.


We do not currently sell pads or padding because we believe that simply using polyester batting, such as synthepone, provides precise results. Synthepone is cheap and readily available.

Here you can find our recommendations on how to use polyester batting to pad any dress form.


Our dress forms are made entirely of soft foam and don’t have any special mechanisms inside to collapse the shoulders mechanically. However, you can put pressure on both shoulders and squeeze them to put a fitted garment on the dress form. Compressed and released shoulders do not stay put – they gain their original shape naturally.