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A classic tailor’s torso covered with stretchy knit fabric. Realistic proportions and modern shape, as well as the possibility to steam and iron clothes right on the dress form make Vera an excellent assistant when it comes to draping patterns, designing and sewing.

● POLYURETHANE CORE – dress form is made of polyurethane. This makes it ideal for pattern making, draping, and pinning. Polyurethane is a safe and modern polymer material that is also used to produce children’s toys, mattresses, pillows, etc.

● MULTIPURPOSE – this sewing torso can also be used to display clothes and take photos of your design.

● ANATOMIC – our dress forms are accurately shaped and proportioned according to physical characteristics derived from relevant consumer data.

● DURABLE – you can steam or iron garments on the dress form. All of the materials tolerate high temperatures and water perfectly well.

● REALISTIC – this particular dress form is ideal for lingerie design and draping. The shape is very realistic, and the position of the breasts imitates a bra being worn.

● STEADY – the metal stands (with or without wheels) offered with the dress forms are very stable, durable and high quality. The height of the dress form can be adjusted.