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A classic tailor’s torso with realistic proportions and anatomic shape. 

The cover is made of durable and practical cotton and it’s seams double as reference construction lines — very handy for draping patterns.The bottom part is intentionally elongated, so that working with skirts is more convenient.

Another great feature of Anastasia — it is possible to steam and iron clothes right on it. Pressing seams and complete garments on a dress form rather than on a flat surface can elevate your sewing significantly.

● 100% COTTON COVER WITH PROFESSIONAL CONSTRUCTION LINES – cover is made from pure cotton fabric. It can be easily removed and put back on (for dry cleaning or replacement, for example). The cover has professional tailor construction lines.

● POLYURETHANE CORE – dress form is made of polyurethane. This makes it ideal for pattern making, draping, and pinning. Polyurethane is a safe and modern polymer material that is also used to produce children’s toys, mattresses, pillows, etc.

● MULTIPURPOSE – this sewing torso can also be used to display clothes and take photos of your design.

● ANATOMIC – our dress forms are accurately shaped and proportioned according to physical characteristics derived from relevant consumer data.

● DURABLE – you can steam or iron garments on the dress form. All of the materials tolerate high temperatures and water perfectly well.

● REALISTIC – this particular dress form is ideal for lingerie design and draping. The shape is very realistic, and the position of the breasts imitates a bra being worn.

● STEADY – the metal stands (with or without wheels) offered with the dress forms are very stable, durable and high quality. The height of the dress form can be adjusted.