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Nika (1:2)


Professional half-scale tailor dress form.

Perfect for draping and constructing new designs – allows to save space, draft fabric and time.
100% pinnable, pins can go inside for their whole length. Mannequin strongly holds pins while draping.

✔ REMOVABLE COVER – cover is made from thick stretchy fabric in Beige/Alabaster/Black color. The cover can be easily removed (for cleaning purposes for example) and then put back on without any problems.

✔ POLYURETHANE CORE – dress form is made of polyurethane. This makes it ideal for pattern making, draping an pinning technique. Polyurethane is a safe modern poly material also used to produce children’s toys, mattresses, sleeping cushions, etc.

✔ MULTIPURPOSE – this sewing torso can also be used to display clothes and take photos of your design.

✔ ANATOMIC – our dress forms are accurately shaped and proportioned according to physical characteristics derived from relevant consumer data.

✔ DURABLE – you can steam and iron right on the dress form. All materials tolerate high temperature and water perfectly.

✔ STEADY – platform stand is included

✔ HANDY – a magnet pin holder built into mannequin’s neck cap, stand with height adjustment tool

HALF-SCALE Size 2 // EUR 36

Bust 16.5 in // 42 cm
Waist 13.2 in // 33.5 cm
Hips 18.3 in // 46.5 cm

HALF-SCALE Size 4 // EUR 38

Bust 17.3 in // 44 cm
Waist 13.9 in // 35,5 cm
Hips 18.7 in // 47,5 cm

* allowed deviation of the actual dress form’s measurements from the size chart above (due to soft nature of the polyurethane core) is plus/minus 0,5 cm